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Grow Your Clothing Brand With Alchera

Alchera is one of Europe's leading clothing manufacturers.At the forefront of concept design, prototype innovation and full-scale production; producing and distributing clothing of the highest quality to fashion brands. From our central London headquarters, we are perfectly positioned to stay on top of the latest trends in the ever-changing world of fashion. We work closely with you to help convey these trends in your clothing collections. We have strategically placed manufacturing facilities across the globe, which gives us the capability to be able to produce items at both low quantities and bulk alike. As a result of constant innovation, Alchera is proud to offer industry leading minimum order quantities for the production of custom clothing. Regardless of order quantity, Alchera committed to providing exceptional products, which meet the high expectations of our customers.


To design and produce collections for leading High Street Brands


Becoming a leading manufacturer that is the creator of "Night Fashion" concept by stepping ahead of being an evening dress sector

Brand Personality


Effective/Uniqueness / Beauty of nature/ Motivational/ Passionate


Edgy/ Independent/ Successful/ Asymmetric/Sharp/Conceptual


Creative/ Clean-cut / Flawless/ Purity


Alchera is an extraordinary creative piece of art and designs inspired by mostly creatures of nature for example butterflies, flowers and ocean breezes . The products with delicate flawless textile and creative signature design of Alchera have been engaging to every age of women. Our original designs as well as creatively made patterns and delicately made hand embroidery details can accomplish our customers’ exclusive occasional look.

CULTURE: The colors and patterns they use lead to a timeless trend and creativeness of fashion. Our designs are parts that can be used easily every season and each body offers a suitable style. 


We are one of the most creative Design House of fashion field  in all over the world.


We offers excellent, unique and responsible products and service.


Our target market is women aged 18-60 almost every generation, who appreciate fashionable piece of art as well as high-end quality.


We create high quality and  stylish products to provide up-to date Fashion trend.